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Breaking down the company strategy in simple individual tactical plans

Mission Alignment is a leadership philosophy, which translates the company's overall direction into action in a way that creates clarity and alignment within the organisation, focuses effort on delivering business goals and increases business tempo. Working with this technique enables people to understand 'my part in the plan'. It enables them to act in line with intentions by expressing clearly what is to be achieved, making boundaries explicit, giving space and offering support. Mission Alignment links strategy and execution. Strategy becomes something you do, not just something you plan. 'Doing strategy' becomes thougthtful, purposive action.


  1. Description: As part of the NATO mission command philosophy TAG Group has developed a unique way to simply translate the company overall strategy in to practical plans, related to the fiscal year in which ownership, deliverables and timings are clearly laid out on one page. It allows the leader (CEO, Exec, MD, GM) to have his tactical plan on one page. Providing a simple route map identifying who delivers what and when. 

  2. Target group: This program is mainly meant for executive and senior leadership teams with a focus on aligning the business.

  3. Level of this program: HBO+, recommended entry level participants HBO+ (not mandatory)

  4. Outcome: At the end of the alignment program the team will have clearly broken down individual mission plans in place including an agreed operating rhythm delivering the business KPI’s.

  5. Duration: This program will be delivered in a 2 day workshop style.  

    1. 1st day. The program takes place during two consecutive days. The first day consists of presenting the philosophy of mission command (also called mission leadership in business environment), presenting the leader’s mission plan and developing team members mission plans. These plans will be built in a unique simple format allowing easy planning going forward as well as tracking and uniformity in the individual plans. 

    2. 2nd day. The second day of the program is unique for the team leader as well as for the team members. This day the team members will present back their individual mission plans. This allows for the team leader to understand how his plan is broken down, translated, cascaded and going to be delivered. It allows the rest of the team to identify interdependencies and what support is needed. At the end of the workshop the team will have clear understanding of each others plans, how they are related and they will have dealt with overlaps and/or gaps. Also will they have an agreed management routine reinforced/identified to allow for the mission plans to remain updated ensuring the overall mission will be delivered.

2 DAYS Net study load in hours: 18 hours